For Media Correspondents and Camerapersons belonging to Print, Electronic, Digital, Online Media organization and freelance journalists.


PIB Room No.12A, National Media Centre,
Raisina road, New Delhi

Phone : 23488123

For Technical Help Call at 23389338

Technical Committee

  • Shri A.K Bir, Eminent Film Maker
  • Shri Shaji N. Karun, Filmmaker and Cinematography
  • Shri B. Diwakar, Professor in Cinematography
  • MD, NFDC
  • CEO, ESG, Goa
  • Commissioner, Panaji Municipality, Govt. of Goa
  • Chief Engineer(Elect.), Govt. of Goa
  • Health Officer, Panaji, Govt. of Goa
  • Chief Fire Officer, Panaji, Govt. of Goa
  • Traffic Commissioner, Panaji, Govt. of Goa
  • Incharge, Inox Theatre, Goa
  • Chairman, Kala Academy, Goa
  • Shri Anirvan Ghosh, M/s Pulz Electronics
  • Shri Ketan Mehta, M/s Real Image/ Qube
  • Shri K.J. Madhusudan, M/s Barco
  • Shri Ujwal Nirgudka, M/s SMPTE
  • Shri Ram Sahay, Films Division
  • Member Secretary – Shri D. Ramakrishnan, GM(P&A)

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Ticket Bookings for the Screening of Films during the 53rd International Film Festival of India are closed.

Delegate, Media and Student Registrations for the 53rd International Film Festival of India are closed.